Marc Jacobs To Launch Beauty Line (PHOTOS)

Marc Jacobs' Exciting New Line

Fragrance king Marc Jacobs is set to launch a whole new line... of makeup.

Jacobs will be dipping his toe into the cosmetics world at a mysterious date in the future, although in an interview with Women's Wear Daily, he emphasizes that he wants to see it soon:

"The ritual of waking up and making those choices is something people really enjoy. We currently are working on defining what Marc Jacobs cosmetics will be, what they’ll say, what makes them distinctive. I think that will take some time, but the first meeting was good.”

Jacobs, who already has a sprawling perfume empire, will be launching a new fragrance, Dot, in July. But on the makeup front, perhaps Calvin Klein has some tips for Jacobs -- he's also launching a new cosmetics line under the ckOne brand.

We'll be patient waiting for details, because... MARC JACOBS MAKEUP!!

See Marc Jacobs' fall 2012 line below!

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