Marc Jacobs 'Art' Graffiti By Kidult Outside Soho Store Sparks T-Shirt War

Art? Vandalism? T-shirt? All of the above!

The Marc Jacobs store on Mercer Street received quite the surprise last Tuesday when employees discovered artist Kidult had tagged the high-end Soho store with pink graffiti spraying the word "ART" on its exterior.

The fashion label has since capitalized on the graffiti incident by using it as inspiration for the sale of a limited edition "Art by Art Jacobs tee" being sold for a crazy $689 exclusively sold at the Soho store.

marc jacobs

The item might be a good option for Ann Romney and her penchant for $990, bird emblazoned t-shirts, but looks like Kidult wasn't too happy about the label's response.

Outraged, the artist took to Twitter to denounce Marc Jacobs and say, "SHAME on you, YOU COPY @therealkidult to make money with it, capitalist thieve."

Now adding to the saga is Tumblr Wilfry who is turning the feud on both parties by selling their own shirt printed with the Marc Jacobs dud and only charging $35 a pop for their take on the whole incident.

No word yet on how either party feels about Wilfry's shirt, but let us know what you think about the weeklong war.