Marc Jacobs, Circa 2003: Long Hair, Neck Brace & Sweaty (PHOTO)

Amazing PHOTO: Marc Jacobs, Circa 2003

A series of truly fantastic events on Wednesday led us to this old picture of none other than Marc Jacobs and we couldn't resist sharing it with you. The date: September 15, 2003. The occasion: the after party for the Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2004 Collection fashion show at the Maritime hotel. And as you can tell, Marc made quite the style statement with long hair, glasses, a neck brace and a shirt full of sweat.

Check it out and keep reading below:

A seven-year-old article from the New York Observer written by Simon Doonan perfectly describes the situation:

Even though the designer looked as if he'd just engaged in a heavy bout of sadomasochistic experimental sex (post-show, he was sweaty, disheveled and wearing a neck brace), he had not. Mr. Jacobs, having ditched his 60's futurist pastiche from last season, had worked like a dog to turn out a brilliant collection of unpornographic, unironic romanticism: flirty tea dresses, Virginia Woolf coats in denim tweed and gorgeous panne velvet flapper frocks.


Re Marc's neck brace: a keeping-it-real accessory? Rough trade? A barroom brawl? A kooky style statement? "A pinched nerve," said a spokesman.

How apt!

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