Marc Lamont Hill Reports From Ferguson: National Guard 'Feels Like More Repression'

The imminent arrival of the National Guard is no comfort to the people of Ferguson, according to HuffPost Live's Marc Lamont Hill.

Speaking with HuffPost Live via webcam from Ferguson, Missouri, Hill said that bringing in the National Guard feels instead like "more repression and more violence."

"The National Guard rarely makes people feel more safe if they're already feeling under siege by law enforcement, and people here in Ferguson have felt under siege for decades," Hill told Alyona Mikovski in an interview Monday morning.

"Now that the National Guard's coming in, people are scared," he continued. "People are worried there'll be more violence, more repression, because that's exactly what we've seen in the last few days -- a very militaristic police force that's used every tool imaginable to do the opposite of peace keeping and peace making. People are worried that the violence's going to intensify."

The conflict between protestors, the press and the police has continued to escalate in the wake of the city-imposed curfew, according to Hill. He recounted having seen seen peaceful marchers being "antagonized by police," as well as he himself having been "surrounded by guns" and tear gassed while on "the media side."

"They don't trust the police department," Hill said of the people of Ferguson. "They don't trust the process. They don't trust transparency and they feel like their dissent is being squelched through violence, so I expect tonight to be very, very, very messy."

Watch the clip above to hear more about what Marc Lamont Hill's seen in Ferguson.

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