Marc Maron On Jon Stewart: 'There's Some Tension There' (VIDEO)

Marc Maron has made no secret of his ongoing plea for Jon Stewart to come on his show, and on a recent appearance on HuffPost Live, the acclaimed "WTF" podcast host (and star of the upcoming "Maron" on IFC) confirmed that the "Daily Show" anchor has no plans to go on Maron's show anytime soon, due to their rocky history.

"There's some tension there that's decades old," Maron acknowledged to host Ricky Camilleri, referencing Maron and Stewart's past as rival up-and-coming comedians in New York City.

"I thought, 'I'm the guy who apologizes to people on my show,'" he continued. "Jon said, 'That's not going to happen. If you want to talk to me, maybe we can talk over coffee.'"

Maron, whose book "Attempting Normal" came out on Tuesday, also said Daniel Tosh and Albert Brooks are two potential guests who are not eager to appear on his podcast due to their desire for privacy.

Check out the clip above to see that segment of the interview on HuffPost Live, and click here to see the full 23-minute interview.



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