Marc Maron Remembers 'Horrifying' Conversation With Robin Williams About Suicide

Marc Maron's powerful interview with Robin Williams, which he conducted for his "WTF" podcast in April 2010 and re-released this summer, was seen in a new light after the comedian's shocking suicide in August.

In the podcast, Williams described his struggles with alcoholism and suicidal thoughts, which made for a "horrifying but real" conversation, Maron recalled during a HuffPost Live interview on Thursday:

When somebody like Robin Williams, the clown prince of the planet, hangs himself at his house, people are going to be like, "What? What? It doesn't fit." So to know that I had this thing, this weird hour that I spent with him, and that that was in there, it gave dimension to what happened, at least. Because there aren't that many interviews like that. I don't think there's anything like that. And I don't know how we got there that morning, but obviously it was there. Obviously.

Listen to the interview with Williams here, and see Maron's full HuffPost Live conversation here.

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