Marc Maron's 'WTF' Podcast Comes To Brooklyn (VIDEO)

Marc Maron is something of an anomaly. The 47-year-old comedian may not have intended to go from raconteur club comic, to Air America host, to hosting the best comedian interview show around right now. But even The New York Times has recognized Maron for his unique style and devoted following -- not to mention his disarmingly hilarious take on life.

Maron's podcast, "WTF with Marc Maron," simply aims to have "real conversations" with comedians, and anyone who's had a listen knows you don't get much more real than a dialogue with Maron, whose confessional style is not only funny, but often poignant and cathartic.

He recently brought the show from his garage in Los Angeles to The Bell House in Brooklyn, NY to do two live tapings featuring comedy greats Jonathan Katz, Will Arnett, Judy Gold, Tom Sharpling, Horatio Sanz and more. The night was full of surprises, including an unfortunate lack of air conditioning and unplanned appearances by Jon Benjamin and Ted Leo.

We had a chance to have our own "real conversation" with Maron before his first show in BK where we heard about how he conducts "WTF," who he wants to book as dream guests and just why he loves cats so much. We also taped a portion of Maron's opening rant featuring some insight into New York vs. L.A., why babies frighten him and Maron's perpetual sweating dilemma (the lack of A.C. really was unfortunate).


Additional camera by HuffPost's Ryan Simmons