Marc Paskin, San Diego Millionaire, On Billboard Seeking 'Latina Girlfriend For Christmas' (PHOTO)

All He Wants For Christmas Is... A Latina Girlfriend?

Apparently all Marc Paskin wants for Christmas is a Latina girlfriend -- and the San Diego, Calif., millionaire doesn't care if the everyone knows it.

Now, due to a billboard advertising this fact, the whole world is well aware of Paskin's supposed holiday wish.

The Southern California real estate investor, worth $200 million, according to Gawker, gained some measure of fame when he appeared on a March 2011 episode of the ABC reality show "Secret Millionaire."

The billboard, which is located on Interstate 5 and 28th Street in Barrio Logan, a mostly Latino neighborhood, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The large sign includes Paskin's smiling face and his AOL email address.

NBC San Diego reports that Paskin is quite the philanthropist. He’s given more than $1 million to the UC San Diego Shiley Eye Center. In addition, he once handed out $125,000 -- a $10 bill at a time -- to a Detroit neighborhood, according to Fox News.

“When I die, no one will be at my funeral talking about my cash flow or how many properties I own,” Paskin told the San Diego Union Tribune in 2011. “But they will be talking about my heart, and how I used my success to help others in need. Giving back, helping others - to me, that is success, not the size of your bank account.”

Paskin, 63, was married for 28 years to his wife, Marsha, who died in 2002 from diabetes complications. He has two adult children.

Fox News reports that Paskin likes to travel, sing karaoke and dress up as Elvis Presley. Those qualities seemed to earn Paskin a stamp of approval from the Latino Daily News, which wrote, "Come on, ladies! This guy seems like a real sweetheart."

Paskin has not yet confirmed whether he put up the billboard himself, however.

marc paskin latina girlfriend billboard

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