Marc Summers Makes Plea To Nickelodeon To Host 'Double Dare' Reboot

Nickelodeon Won't Return Marc Summers' Calls About A 'Double Dare' Reboot

Anyone who grew up in the late '80s or early '90s probably has fond memories of Marc Summers. As the host of the wildly popular "Double Dare," Summers ingrained himself into pop culture until the show's cancellation in 1993.

In a HuffPost Live conversation Monday, Summers says he wants to bring "Double Dare" back.

"Here's the deal. I would love to do some form or fashion of it. Let's just say that right now ... the people who run the Nickelodeon network and I don't necessarily see eye to eye," Summers told host Josh Zepps. "I've been trying to make nice to those people, but they refuse to talk to me."

Summers added that he may not be the demographic Nickelodeon is looking for.

"I think they think I'm way too old to do it. I still have the energy and I think I could," Summers said. "So I'm putting a call out to the folks at Nick: return the phone calls, have a discussion."

The show spawned spinoffs in eight countries outside the United States and is still wildly popular today among adults who grew up watching it. Summers even hosts an booze-themed recreation of the show in Philadelphia every year during the city's beer week, dubbed "Dunkel Dare." Summers went on to host another Nickelodeon show, "What Would You Do?", and currently hosts "Unwrapped" on the Food Network.

Watch the rest of the clip above, and catch Summers' full HuffPost Live conversation here.

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