March 4 Protests: California College Students Rise Up, Lead Movement

March 4 protests are planned nationwide on this "Day of Action," but all eyes may be on California today, March 4, 2010, where the movement started and tensions have been high.

Some California students say they couldn't wait for this day to come, and they will voice their dissatisfaction with the public college system due to proposed tuition hikes, budget cuts and a series of racist events.

HuffPost College has followed developments in California closely, and we've set up a "California Crisis Live" Twitter page to follow the action today in real-time. You can also follow the #march4 hashtag today on Twitter.

The Daily Californian reports that thousands will march today in support of public education, but the majority of students will likely not participate.

Some parents and teachers are also expected to take part in the March 4 protests in California and throughout the country.

Recently protests have occurred on several California campuses including Berkeley, UC San Diego, UC Irvine, UC Santa Cruz, and UC Davis, and March 4 has been designated as a Student Day Of Action to protest higher education budget cuts.

Keep checking back at HuffPost College today for all the latest on developments in California and elsewhere related to the March 4 protests.