March Madness: Obama; Afghanistan and GOP Primaries

March Madness: Obama; Afghanistan and GOP Primaries
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First of all, I have a good reason, as a lifelong Democrat, to not want to reelect Obama this fall. No, it has nothing to do with his policies -- domestic or foreign -- or his health care or stimulus or his numerous drone strikes.

No, I may not vote for the President because for the last six weeks he has held a fundraiser at a Washington hotel that is next door to where I park my car.

And every time I go to leave, the entire alley and all the streets are blocked off so the President can go to the hotel for half an hour and raise a bunch of money from a bunch of rich people.

I have been in enough campaigns and covered presidential campaigns to know that they take a lot of money. But, to not be able to leave my parking lot because the president is raising money next door week after week seems ridiculous.

Look at the time and money being spent and streets blocked all the way from the White House to the hotel where the president raises his money and it is a poor use of the city and taxpayers resources, not to mention the terrible traffic tie-up.

Obviously, this is an only-Washington type of inconvenience but it just shows the large impact of a president and a candidates' time used only to raise money. Our campaign laws need to be changed to reflect this obsession with constant fundraising.

If the president wants my vote I hope he will switch hotels for his next fundraising gig and let me get my car out!

And along with this March Madness is the fact that we are still in Afghanistan, we went into the country after 9/11 for a good reason and for our national security. We did our job and should have left instead of being bogged down in nation building.

Afghanistan will be the same tomorrow or in 2014 no matter how long we stay. We should leave now along with all the other foreign troops. We could keep a contingent of troops in the northern part of the country to act in case the country looks as if it were becoming a haven for terrorists once again.

We have done our job. Now it is time to leave and leave now. We accomplished our initial goal years ago. No one has been able to build Afghanistan into a coherent nation in all the years of trying and we should leave now with our heads held high!

The GOP primaries are sad to watch. Pathetic is a word that comes to mind.

Just seeing the pompous and self-righteous former Speaker of the House night after night is enough to turn one off of politics forever. After every loss he goes on to say why he will be in the race all the way to Tampa.

Gingrich is staying in because he likes the limelight. He is staying in because he is trying to resurrect his image. He sounds nasty and angry all the time and he is not presidential at all as he lacks any and all social graces.

And seeing pictures of Rick Santorum in prayer meetings all the time is really not the way to court the independent vote in a general election. His remarks on former President Kennedy were disgusting. He is very far out of any mainstream I know of and I am from a small town in the Midwest and find him unacceptable as a possible candidate for president.

I still feel many people are not voting for Romney partially because of his religion. We have had many presidents in our history with less than sparkling personalities.

Romney seems like a candidate that would be popular on paper but is not making the connection with GOP voters. He certainly is being trashed by many members of his own party who he will need to win over in a general election.

Assume March Madness will expand into April Anxiety and the war in Afghanistan will continue, the GOP primaries will continue, gas prices will continue to rise and Obama will continue to block my car in a parking garage every week as he continues his fundraising!

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