March Of Dimes Turns Baby Cries Into A Lullaby


Most people don’t find the sound of a crying baby to be very pleasant, but it does have a positive association: life.

To raise awareness around its mission of giving moms and babies a healthy start, March of Dimes created a special lullaby adapted from the sounds of baby cries. As the “March of Dimes Lullacry” video notes, “Every cry is music to our ears. Help give every mom and baby a brighter, healthier tomorrow.”

The organization released the lullaby in conjunction with its new gifting program at hospitals across the U.S.

“Over the next few weeks, March of Dimes will give more than 6,000 new moms gift boxes that symbolize the research, programs and advocacy that moms and babies have benefitted from for the past 80 years,” a representative told HuffPost in an email. “Of course, the items also will celebrate their new baby and get them started on their exciting new journey.”

Here’s to supporting moms and babies from the start.