Marching Band Pileup Nearly Takes Out High School's Entire Tuba Section


There's just one thing the Lake Travis High School marching band needs -- and it isn't more cowbell.

Sure, more cowbell is never a bad thing, but in this particular case, eyes in the back of their tuba players' heads would have been more useful. That, or some shoes with a bit more traction, so as to avert this marching band pileup.

The hilarity starts about 5 seconds into the video, when a set of tuba players begin marching backward. One player at the rear of the group stumbles and falls to the ground. One by one, they all walk backward, blissfully unaware of the downed musician behind them, until almost the entire section has tripped and fallen to the turf.

To their credit, the players recover quickly enough to climb out of the horn heap and keep marching, though it appears they did so to the (ahem) beat of their own drummer.

According to the video's uploader, no one was hurt, "but two tubas did get damaged."

The high school has been quick to "toot their own horn" about the incident, posting on the marching band's Facebook page, "Our tubas are famous."

We're just happy someone had the "brass" to post it on YouTube.

Editor's Note: We would like to acknowledge the revolutionary work of one John Philip Sousa and the profound effect he has had on the world through his music. We would be remiss if we failed to note that the instruments referred to here as "tubas" are in fact more specifically sousaphones, one of his inventions and of the tuba family. You would not believe how often they get mixed up! This one time? At band camp....

WATCH: The full video.

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