Conservative Group Calls Out ‘Groveling’ Marco Rubio Over Trump In Damning Ad

The Republican Accountability Project says Rubio's support for Trump means Florida voters shouldn't support him in next year's reelection campaign.

A conservative group is calling out Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) for hypocrisy when it comes to former President Donald Trump

Rubio warned in 2016 that Trump “would shatter the party and the conservative movement” and called him a “con artist.” But as the new video from the Republican Accountability Project points out, he’s not only turned into a Trump defender, he’s also won the former president’s endorsement for next year’s reelection effort.

“This is an extra-special endorsement because he’s a resident and voter in Florida,” Rubio crowed last week. “So, I don’t just need his endorsement, I need his vote and the votes of all his family who are also moving to Florida.” 

The new video slams Rubio for the flip-flop.

“He’s known all along that Trump would be a unique danger to the GOP and our country,” the voiceover said. “But that hasn’t stopped him from supporting Trump for the past four years, and groveling for his endorsement and vote today.”

The spot will be targeted at Florida residents online and will air on Fox News during “Hannity” in the West Palm Beach market, which is also the home of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence and club.

The Republican Accountability Project ― part of Defending Democracy Together, a never-Trump conservative group ― has been calling out Trump’s enablers in its media campaigns as well as thanking Republicans who stood up to the former president and voted to impeach him earlier this year.