Marco Rubio Launches His First Presidential Television Ad

"What happened in Paris could happen here."

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) on Sunday released his first nationwide television ad of the 2016 Republican presidential race.

Titled "A Civilizational Struggle," the 30-second spot features a solemn Rubio speaking into the camera about why the U.S. must eliminate the threat posed by the self-described Islamic State.

"What happened in Paris could happen here. There is no middle ground," the presidential candidate says in the ad, referencing the deadly Paris terror attacks on Nov. 13. "These aren't disgruntled or disempowered people. These are radical terrorists who want to kill us, because we let women drive, because we let girls go to school."

Last week, the Florida Republican unveiled a four-point plan to defeat ISIS that includes a call for ground troops and the creation of a no-fly zone for civilians in Syria.

In the ad, which is scheduled to begin airing on Tuesday under an undisclosed cable buy, Rubio says, "There can be no arrangement or negotiation. Either they win or we do."

President Barack Obama on Sunday said that the U.S. and its partners "will not relent" in the fight against ISIS, though he has ruled out sending additional troops to the region.

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