Marco Rubio Slams U.S. Flag Omission In ‘First Man,’ And Twitter Users Pounce

The Florida Republican tweeted that not showing Neil Armstrong (played by Ryan Gosling) planting the American flag on the moon is "total lunacy."

Ryan Gosling’s new Neil Armstrong biopic, “First Man,” seems to have sent Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) to the dark side of the moon.

The movie premiered on Thursday at the Venice Film Festival, and viewers noticed that one moment from the 1969 moon landing was not re-enacted in the film: when NASA astronauts Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin plant the American flag on the moon.

The Canadian-born Gosling said he decided not to include the flag-planting because Armstrong’s accomplishment “transcended countries and borders,” the Telegraph reported.

He added: “I’m Canadian, so might have cognitive bias.”

Since the moon landing was a U.S. mission, Rubio wasn’t happy to have it attributed to earthlings in general.

He made his displeasure known on Twitter Friday morning.

Although “total lunacy,” as Slate conceded, is “a good moon pun,” Twitter users quickly blasted Rubio’s tweet, saying the senator should focus on other things besides griping about Ryan Gosling movies.

One person wanted to make sure Rubio was referring to the right flag, since President Donald Trump seemed confused last week.

Others just noticed a ripe opportunity for snark.

And one guy attempted to put everything in perspective using an astronaut analogy.

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