Marco Rubio Responds To Question About Minimum Wage By Saying We Need Fewer Philosophers

He thinks we need "more welders."

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) made it clear during Tuesday's GOP debate that he won't be easily rolled by the Philosopher's Lobby, calling for "more welders and less philosophers" in the work force.

I just Kant agree with this, because as it turns out, this is not very good advice! As Jane Wells from Yahoo Finance reported at the beginning of this year:

Graduates with philosophy degrees have "higher earnings potential than many other arts and humanities-related fields," said TheRichest. Payscale reports midcareer median salaries are ,000 for your modern day Kant or Descartes. Why? Well, let's be logical. Which is exactly what philosophy programs require of students … logic. Thinking is hard, it requires analysis, and those who can do it well can get a good job … which is a good philosophy to have.

"Why have we stigmatized vocational education?" asked Rubio.

See? Someone with a philosophy degree could have helped Marco out right there, and counseled him to not make a straw man argument. Additionally, someone with an English degree could have pointed out that the word Marco wanted was "fewer," not "less."

Happily, Wells reports that "median midcareer salaries" for people with English degrees "are $71,400, which is slightly more pay than the average for people with degrees in business administration."

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