Marco Rubio’s Weird ‘Reefer’ Taunt Becomes A New Democratic Rally Cry

Well, that sure backfired.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) lit up Twitter on Tuesday night with his unusual recap of the South Carolina Democratic presidential debate. 

Rubio, a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump despite being saddled with the belittling nickname of “Little Marco,” attacked Democrats’ notions of health care for everyone and better regulation of schools and utilities.

However, it was the last part of his slam that had Twitter flying high: 

To some, the line called to mind the 2016 threat of “taco trucks on every corner” if Hillary Clinton were elected, made by Trump surrogate Marco Gutierrez.

Though the Democratic candidates debated marijuana legalization, none actually made a vow of “reefer for everyone.” On Twitter, however, many people said it was a campaign promise worth keeping: