Marco Rubio Says The DREAM Act Will Encourage 'Chain Migration' (VIDEO)

(WATCH) Marco Rubio: Dream Act Will Encourage Illegal 'Chain Migration'

In an interview with Juan Williams on Sunday, Florida Senator Marco Rubio explained that he doesn't support The DREAM Act --- a measure supported by 90% of U.S. Latinos -- because it would encourage "chain migration" and illegal immigration.

According to documents obtained by the Tampa Times, however, Rubio's own family were beneficiaries of "chain migration." Rubio's father was, "sponsored by his sister-in-law, who was already living in Miami and who signed an affidavit in 1956 stating the family was "desirous of entering the United States of America as permanent residents," according to the Tampa Times report.

The DREAM Act is a bill which, if passed, would provide a path towards citizenship to some undocumented immigrants who have served in the military or attended college, and came to the U.S. at a young age. The measure is supported by 91 percent of Latinos, according to a recent study conducted by The Pew Hispanic Center.

While Rubio says he'd like to find a bipartisan solution to allow some undocumented youth to stay, including a Florida high school valedictorian who faced deportation, he doesn't offer specifics as to how his solution would be any different than the DREAM Act.

"What I want to do is figure something out to help people like her, in that situation, that is bipartisan, that unites us, that can get the sixty votes, but that doesn't have some of the problems that the DREAM Act, as currently drafted has," Rubio said in the interview.

Rubio adds that he'd like to overhaul the visa program and "modernize the legal immigration system." He also notes that he doesn't see Arizona's harsh immigration law as a "model for the country."

Conversely, GOP candidate Mitt Romney, who Rubio recently endorsed, labeled the same law just that -- a "model for the nation."

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