Marco Rubio Knows Exactly What He's Doing

He wants Florida voters to know that being senator will be "the last political job I have," but maybe he should stop making declarations.

After declaring he would step down from the Senate when his current term ends in January, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) on Wednesday announced he would run for re-election in November.

Later that day, when asked if he would commit to serving out the full six year term, the former GOP presidential candidate told CNN: "I'm not going to do any more of these unequivocal pronunciations."

Rubio was ostensibly attempting to cover his bases, given the last time he made a major declaration and then reneged on it.

But then Rubio claimed that serving in the U.S. Senate "would be the last political job I have," to assure Florida voters that he would be fully committed if re-elected.

"If my plan was to run for president in 2020, jumping into a race like this with all the political risks associated with it would not be the decision one would make," he said. "I'm fully prepared to have the U.S. Senate be the last political job that I ever have, and I just want to be the best senator I can possibly be for the people of Florida."

He essentially repeated the same thing when answering the question of whether he's completely ruling out a 2020 presidential run.

"If I were running for president in 2020, jumping into this race is not the decision most people would advise," he said. "I'm coming back to be a U.S. Senator and give my time and energy to having a Senate that can act as a check and balance on whoever is elected president."

So just as President Barack Obama knows exactly what he's doing, Rubio knows exactly what he's doing.



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