Marco Rubio Doesn't Finish Tweet And Twitter Users Fill In The Blank

One joker wondered if the Florida senator meant to post a Mad Lib.

Sen. Marco Rubio had social media on the edge of its tweet Friday.

The Florida Republican posted a tweet that looked like the beginning of a “serious” attempt to own those dang libs, and the media too!

Except Rubio didn’t finish his thought in the since-deleted tweet.

Marco Rubio tweet
Marco Rubio tweet

It’s possible Rubio was following a train of thought from an earlier tweet referencing tensions over the Israel-Palestine conflict, but the senator didn’t make that clear by connecting the cryptic tweet with the prior one.

Luckily, Twitter users attempted to help the senator by offering suggestions for how the incomplete tweet should end.

Some people seemed to be on Rubio’s wavelength.

But some people had questions.



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