Marcus, Marshall and Three-Fer Luckovich Win Opinion Awards from The Week

Tomorrow night, The Week magazine, in association with the Aspen Institute, will host its fifth annual Opinion Awards in D.C. for an assemblage of typical D.C. glitterati (see here and here). The menu's been planned, the guests have been invited — all that remains is for the winners to be announced, and here they are! ETP can exclusively report that the winners of The Week's fifth-annual Opinion Awards are....the Washington Post's Pulitzer-nominated Ruth Marcus for Columnist of the Year, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Pulitzer-winning Mike Luckovich for Editorial Cartoonist of the Year (again), and Talking Points Memo's Josh Marshall as Blogger of the Year. There, that should tide you over until this year's Pulitzers are announced.

The awards will be presented at tomorrow night's soirée at the Four Seasons Hotel, along with a panel discussion on the topic of "How We Pick The President" moderated by Harold Evans and featuring panelists Howell Raines (The Guardian; former Executive Editor of the NYT), Doug Schoen (founding partner of Penn, Schoen & Berland, Mark Penn's other company), and — sure to have lots of insight in how presidents are picked — Karl Rove (former Deputy Chief of Staff for President Bush and now the chattiest guy around).

Nominees were selected by The Week's editorial staff and selected by a distinguished group of media mavens, one of which was HuffPo's own Senior News Editor Katharine Zaleski. This is the third win for Luckovich, the pride of the Journal-Constitution; past winners include Nick Kristof, Ed Morrissey and, er, Luckovich.

Update: We got the full list of previous Week Opinion Award winners, and discovered that not only is it the second win for Josh Marshall, too, but Ruth Marcus is the first female recipient of an award since they were founded in 2004. So, congratulations again, Ruth! The list is below:

Cartoons by Mike Luckovich
[Association of American Cartoonists]
Columns by Ruth Marcus [WaPo]
Blogging By Josh Marshall [TPM]


2007 OPINION AWARDS Winners:
Ruth Marcus, Columnist of the Year
Mike Luckovich, Cartoonist of the Year
Joshua Micah Marshall, Blogger of the Year

2006 OPINION AWARDS Winners:
Michael Kinsley, Columnist of the Year
Chip Bok, Cartoonist of the Year
Josh Fruhlinger & Michael Totten, Bloggers of the Year

2005 OPINION AWARDS Winners:

Nicholas Kristof, Columnist of the Year
Mike Luckovich, Cartoonist of the Year
Ed Morrissey, Bloggers of the Year

2004 OPINION AWARDS Winners:
Peter Beinart, Columnist of the Year
Jonathan Turley, Advocate of the Year
Tom Toles, Cartoonist of the Year
John Hinderaker, Scott Johnson & Paul Mirengoff, Bloggers of the Year

2003 OPINION AWARDS Winners:
Thomas L. Friedman & Tommy Tomlinson, Columnist of the Year
Paul Krugman, Advocate of the Year
Joshua Micah Marshall, Blogger of the Year