Marcy Wheeler: GOP Will Investigate Clinton's "Blow Job" But Not CIA

Marcy Wheeler of FireDogLake, appeared on MSNBC Monday to argue for an investigation of secret C.I.A. operations under President Bush. But all of the post-segment discussion focused on her use of the word "blow job", which drew an apology from the anchors.

Wheeler was responding to Townhall's Matt Lewis, who argued that looking backwards and "investigating policies and activities that happened in a previous administration" would set a bad precedent.

"[Y]our idea is that after investigating Bill Clinton for a blow job for like five years, we shouldn't investigate the huge, grossly illegal things that were done under the past administration, only because Alberto Gonzales was too much in the back pocket of Dick Cheney to do it while he was still in office," Wheeler said. "That's ridiculous."

After the segment ended, the Tamron Hall and David Shuster expanded on her "passionate" choice of words.

"I'm sure she apologizes for that choice of words, she's very passionate about it," said Hall.

David Shuster chimed in: "We all say things sometimes when we're passionate that we don't intend, and especially on a dayside family-oriented cable television news network."

"I'm sure she apologizes, and we do, too," concluded Hall.