CBS News Anchor's Reaction To GOP Rep.'s Take On Jim Jordan Says It All

Rep. Mike Turner's comments about speaker nominee Jim Jordan and sexual abuse at Ohio State earned quite the expression from Margaret Brennan on “Face the Nation.”

Maybe “Face the Nation” should be called “Face Margaret Brennan’s Face.” (Watch the video below.)

The CBS News anchor on Sunday had quite the “WTF” look after Rep. Mike Turner falsely claimed there were no allegations that House speaker nominee and fellow Ohio Republican Jim Jordan ignored sexual assault claims at Ohio State University as an assistant wrestling coach.

“So do the allegations that he turned a blind eye to sexual assault at Ohio [State] University cause any problems for you or the allegations that he had knowledge of Donald Trump’s attempts on Jan. 6 and leading up to it to stop the election certification?” Brennan asked Turner as House Republicans continue to struggle with delays and division.

“Well first Margaret, the allegations at Ohio State, there’s not one person who’s ever said that they have knowledge of Jim Jordan having any knowledge,” Turner said. “And what occurred at Ohio State wasn’t even under Jim Jordan. He was not the head coach. This was not something that he had responsibility for. So those that are making accusations are making, you know, just presumptions of ‘Well, he would have had to have known.’ There’s no one ― mind you, this was years ago ― no one who has come forward at all ever, and ever said that there was actual knowledge on Jim Jordan’s part. And of course, he condemns what occurred there.”

He then brushed over Jordan’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election in Trump’s favor.

“With respect to Donald Trump, that’s a mess that’s going to continue going on the issue of Jan. 6, and Americans are gonna be able to have that debate as we go forward in this next election cycle,” Turner said.

“So no pause on your ... part for Jim Jordan,” Brennan said with facial cues that pointed to serious doubt.

“She really wants to call him a liar,” wrote one observer on X, formerly Twitter.

In fact, several former Ohio State wrestlers did accuse Jordan of knowing about the abuse by the team doctor when he was an assistant coach for the Buckeyes from 1987 to 1995. The wrestlers said they were present when Jordan either heard or responded to sexual misconduct complaints about Dr. Richard Strauss, who committed more than 1,429 sexual assaults and 47 rapes in his 20-year tenure, according to a school crime report.

Jordan has denied any knowledge of the abuse.

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