Margaret Cho 'Asian Adjacent': Comedian Takes On Racial Stereotypes In New Video

WATCH: Margaret Cho Takes On Asian Stereotypes In New Video

The ever-fabulous Margaret Cho never disappoints, and her latest, spectacularly over-the-top music video is certainly no exception.

In the appropriately-titled "Asian Adjacent," Cho tries on a variety of stereotypical Eastern looks -- appearing as a caged tiger and a pale-faced geisha, then as a "Miss Saigon"-style farm girl -- while singing along to an '80s-sounding synth-pop beat.

"You got one of those faces, and almond shanty eyes," the 42-year-old performer croons. "You could be from lots of places, like Alaska or Ha-Ha-Hawaii." She shows off her many tattoos in a sultry sushi segment that's sure to recall "Sex and the City: The Movie." Also appearing is singer-songwriter Grant Lee Phillips, who co-wrote the song with Cho.

The track, which Cho has described as being about people who look like they should have Asian heritage but don't, can be found on her Grammy-nominated "Cho Dependent" album.

Check out "Asian Adjacent" below:

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