Margaret Cho Interview Discusses Monogamy, Bisexuality, Open Relationships (AUDIO)

Margaret Cho On Her Open Marriage: 'I Can't Stop Up That Hole'

Comedienne Margaret Cho expanded on herrevelation last week that she has been in an open marriage for ten years to artist Al Ridenour, saying, “I’m technically not able to stay with one person sexually because I’m bisexual,” and cracking that she just “can’t stop up that hole.” Cho also said that her thoughts on sexual monogamy she gets older.

“A young woman would feel like, 'I’ve got to define myself in this relationship and define what respect is,'" she explained in an interview with me on SiriusXM Progress on Tuesday. "And we all have different expectations about respect and what it means to get what from a man.”

Responding to bisexual activists who might bristle at the suggestion that bisexuals cannot be sexually monogamous because of their sexual orientation, Cho said she wasn’t speaking for everyone.

“Oh, I do [have to have sex with people of both genders]," she said with a laugh. "That’s my response [to critics]. Good for you. But I can’t stop up that hole. But also, I don’t care too. There’s part of me that is a little detached from both emotional and sexual issues with other people. The reality is that people don’t stay in relationships for very long. But I do.”

Cho also said a lot people aren’t being honest about their relationships and that being honest is, in fact, what worked for her marriage.

"The idea that you can possess a person because you’re quote unquote sexually monogamous -- I don’t think we’re entirely honest when we’re talking about sex," she said. "I just am. And I guess it’s shocking the way that people live their lives. I don’t know, but my marriage works, which is the best argument I can come up with. Most marriages I know have not survived. Mine has.”

For the whole interview with Margaret Cho, listen below. For more from Margaret, including upcoming tour dates, visit her website and follow her on Twitter.

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