Margaret Cho: I Refer To Myself As Gay, But I Am Married To A Man (VIDEO)


In an interview with Edward Lewine, for the "New York Times Magazine," Margaret Cho said about sexual politics:

"I refer to myself as gay, but I am married to a man. Of course, I've had relationships with women, but my politics are more queer than my lifestyle."

Cho, who has spoken openly about both her heterosexual and homosexual relationships in her routines, grew up in San Francisco in the '70s and '80s and credits the gay men and drag queens she knew there for teaching her how to be herself and be brave. "If it were not for gay men, I would not talk to men at all...I am heterophobic," she said in her comedy special "I'm The One That I Want." (VIDEO BELOW)

Despite that statement she married artist/writer/straight man Al Ridenour in 2003, and says they have a different relationship than most:

"It's not a traditional situation. It's not a committed marriage. We're just friends who share space. My parents don't understand it. They just send us Yahoo E-cards wishing us well."

As a self described fag hag Cho believes she is "the backbone of the gay community," and wrote and starred an independent film in 2005 about a gay man and his best friend that premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. She also participated in the Funny Or Die video criticizing Prop 8 supporters, and starred in the TV show "Rick & Steve the Happiest Gay Couple in All the World." When gay marriage was legalized in California, Cho was deputized by the city of San Francisco to perform gay marriages there.

The interview she gave the "Times" mostly focused on her career and likes, but the comedian also addressed a disappointing encounter with Sharon Stone:

"She was very hot and very beautiful and such a big actress at the time. I asked her if I could take a picture with her, and she gave me a look with daggers. It was really crushing."

She might have had better luck with a gay male actor. Here are two videos from Cho's "I'm The One That I Want" in which she explains her affinity for both lesbians and gay men.

Cho on working on lesbian cruises and why lesbians "like whale watching more than pussy":

Cho on why she loves the word "faggot":

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