Margaret Cho Says 'Emotional Monogamy' Is Key To Her 10-Year Open Marriage (VIDEO)

For 10 years, comedienne Margaret Cho has been in an open marriage with artist Al Ridenour. From her home in California, she opens up to "Oprah: Where Are The Now?" about her relationship and explains how she defines her bisexuality.

"I think that my sexuality is -- well, I define myself as queer, though gender is very complicated," Cho says in the above video.

Though she says her parents are supportive, she laughs while explaining that they really don't understand her sexuality. "They're thinking that I'm mostly in flux, but it's not that -- it's just, it is what it is," she says.

Cho and her husband have been married since 2003.

"It's just something that we knew in the moment of meeting and being together, that this is the right thing, and it's worked out," she says.

"I think when you have an open relationship you have to have boundaries, but ultimately, you want emotional monogamy with somebody no matter what," Cho explains. "I don't really think about it more than that, it's just family."

In the video below, OWN executive producers Jill Van Lokeren and Julie Simpson talk more about Cho on HuffPost Live, including their struggle to find a photo of the comedian and her husband.

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