Florida Woman Arrested After Fight With Husband Over Confederate Flag

A Florida woman is accused of striking her husband after he refused to take down a Confederate flag.

Margaret "Peggy" Rae Carpenter, 60, allegedly hit her husband -- drawing blood where her bracelets pierced his skin -- on Saturday during an argument over the flag, The Tampa Bay Times reports.

Her husband, Larry, had put up the flag that afternoon, according to Bay 9 News.

The presence of the Confederate flag in the United States, particularly on government property, has recently become the subject of heated debate after nine people were killed in a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Deputies in Safety Harbor said that Carpenter admitted she hit her husband, WFLA reports. Local reports did not specify if her husband removed the flag.

Carpenter is charged with misdemeanor domestic battery, county records show. She was released from jail one day after her arrest.


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