Margate WalMart Shooting: Shoplifter Kills Security Associate Lewis Jhon, Then Himself (PHOTOS)

Guard Murdered Inside Margate WalMart; Gunman Found Dead

A suspected shoplifter opened fire at a South Florida WalMart Friday evening, killing a loss prevention officer before apparently turning the gun on himself a short time later.

Margate Police say Terrell Kennith Johnson, 22, whom 49-year-old Lewis Jhon had caught stealing undershirts, fatally shot Jhon just inside the grocery entrance at the WalMart supercenter on West Altantic Boulevard before fleeing the scene on foot.

A massive manhunt ensued before officers responding to second reports of gunfire found Johnson dead several blocks away, apparently from a self-inflicted gunshot wound the head.

MPD Spokesman Lt. Andy Zettek said a woman was also taken into custody after a search, but details remain scarce. Surveillance video shows Jhon in a striped shirt, talking to Johnson just moments before the younger man pulled a gun.

"The police department worked with him for a number of years, and it’s a very sad day tonight," Zettek said. "Employees here are very saddened. They are grieving the lost of this gentlemen."

The shooting, which occurred about 7:15 p.m., sent witnesses to Twitter to describe panic in the store and a neighborhood swarming with police:

The store remained closed Friday evening, roped off by yellow crime scene tape.

The incident marks the second time this month stealing goods from a South Florida WalMart has turned fatal: police shot and killed a suspected thief during a confrontation September 6 after the man reportedly robbed a WalMart store in Hallandale Beach.

This story was updated to include the suspect's name.

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