Is Margo Howard's Blagojevich Telemundo Tweet Racist? (POLL)

Was Tweet About Blagojevich And Telemundo Racist?

You'd think the daughter of the late Esther Lederer, better known as the advice columnist "Ann Landers," might be especially careful in picking her words.

Turns out, the 71-year-old Margo Howard, herself an advice columnist, is facing some blowback on Twitter for a comment some readers saw as racist.

On Tuesday, Howard, under the username @margoandhow, reported some bafflement at Spanish-language TV station Telemundo's coverage of the trial of former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich.

She wrote: "Not sure why Telemundo cares. Their soap operas off? Séptimo día de deliberaciones en el caso por corrupción del ex-gobernador #blagojevich."

Her comment quickly upset Illinois state representative Deb Mell (@debmell), who retweeted it, adding, "Wow that is so racist:"

(Note: Mell is Blagojevich's sister in law)

And NBC Chicago executive producer Kathryn Janicek (@kathrynjanicek) pointed out that Telemundo's crews had been at the trial every day.

Howard might have only dug herself deeper with this reply: "Not racist at all, & not meant to be. Y would People in Mexico care? & they ARE known for their shows."

At that point, Alba Mendiola (@albamendiola), a Telemundo reporter in Chicago, jumped in, pointing out that Telemundo is an American station that broadcasts in Spanish, with a strong local presence and viewership in Illinois.

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