Margot Robbie Celebrates Her Birthday As Harley Quinn On The Set Of 'Suicide Squad'

The most surprising thing about Margot Robbie's birthday cake on the set of "Suicide Squad" is that it actually looks edible.

The cast of the movie has been known to give each other peculiar gifts, such as the rat that Jared Leto previously sent to Robbie that was then "adopted" by other celebs, but that wasn't the case for the actress's birthday celebration.

Robbie, who just had a birthday July 2, shared a photo of her in Harley Quinn makeup with a caption reading, "Harley's cake - thank you squad!"

News recently broke that movie director David Ayer has an on-set therapist for the cast since the actors have to work with pretty dark material. So, at least in the case of Robbie, it looks like it's working. The actress also shared a photo of balloons on her actual b-day, saying that she was "Spoilt rotten today":

Yep. There's nothing too disturbing about balloons. Unless, of course, that means there's a scary clown around, too. In that case, we might all need to use that therapist.



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