Margot Robbie Is The Perfect Ivanka Trump For 'Celebrity Family Feud' On 'SNL'

Plus, the show included the return of Larry David as Bernie Sanders.

Live, from New York, “Saturday Night Live” kicked off its 42nd season with a bang.

The show opened Saturday with a skit parodying the first presidential debate, and saw Alec Baldwin try Donald Trump’s orange tan and wispy hair on for size, as he faced off against Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton.

Cast members kept things political with a “Celebrity Family Feud” sketch, where it was the Trump camp versus the Clinton camp. Family members and supporters of the candidates ― including Sarah Silverman (played wonderfully by new cast member Melissa Villaseñor), Bill Clinton (played by former performer and current announcer Darrell Hammond) and Vladimir Putin (played perfectly by Beck Bennett) ― played against each other on the game show.

The skit also featured the night’s host, Margot Robbie, wearing a sheath dress and thick blond wig for the role of Ivanka Trump, and gave us the welcome return of Larry David as Bernie Sanders. Seriously, David was born for this role.

You can watch the whole skit above.

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