Mari Kasurinen, Artist, Creates My Little Pony Pop Culture Icons (PHOTOS)

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For women who grew up in the 80s, the mention of "My Little Pony" will often evoke a bout of nostalgia.

Now, Finnish sculptor Mari Kasurinen has transformed the beloved brightly-colored horses into pop icons.


Using a variety of materials including plastics, faux fur and latex, the Berlin based artist creates unique depictions of Lady Gaga, Edward Scissorhands, Michael Jackson and Jack Sparrow, to name but a few.

According to Kasurinen, the work is intended to explore the relationship between popular culture and how celebrities shape the status and self image of regular people.

The amount of time Kasurinen spends completing each piece varies widely.

"It can take anywhere from 9 to 40 hours, depending on the size and the complexity of the character," Kasurinen told The Huffington Post in an email.

But this isn't the first recreation of "My Little Pony".

Two years ago, Wired first reported about a growing "My Little Pony" obsession among teens and grown men that spawned "Friendship is Magic" YouTube mash ups of pony art.

If Mari Kasurinen's work catches your eye, be sure to check out Nicky Barkla's rainbow-hued pop portraits or Jason Mecier's celebrity icons made from pills.

Check out photos of Kasurinen's My Little Pony pop icons in the slideshow below:

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