Maria Bartiromo Hints At Unsavory Biden Pull To Free 4-Year-Old Hostage From Hamas

The Fox Business host made a cringey transition after a right-wing media report about the hostage's family.

Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo seemed to imply Wednesday that U.S. President Joe Biden used undue influence to secure the release of a 4-year-old by Hamas. (Watch the video below.)

Abigail Edan, a girl who survived the militants’ Oct. 7 attack in Israel that killed her parents, was freed Sunday with other hostages amid a temporary truce between the country and Hamas.

But Bartiromo seemed to cast aspersions on the Israeli American’s liberation.

U.S. Rep. Jason Smith (R-Mo.) and the TV anchor were discussing unproven accusations of bribery against Biden when Bartiromo made her insinuation.

“There’s an awful story around the hostage release in Israel,” she said.

“Abigail Mor Edan, one of the many young children released by Hamas over the last three days, the first American toddler released on Sunday ... her story is a travesty. She’s an orphan. She watched her parents get murdered by these monsters. Thank God she has been released,” Bartiromo added.

“But we also learned that her family is major donors to President Biden and that her aunt actually bought Hunter Biden’s art,” she continued, referring to a conservative media report referencing the president’s son. “I mean, of course, we want Abigail to get released and to be home with her family and that we’re all praying and thanking God for. But was she the first one because she had this connection to Biden?”

Smith wisely took the conversation back to a GOP investigation of the Bidens.

“We’re glad she’s released but it’s an interesting web of what we have been uncovering [in congressional committees],” he said.

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