María Belén Chapur has been identified as Mark Sanford's alleged mistress. Some outlets ID her as Maria Belen Shapur with an "S." Politico links to an Argentinian outlet that identifies the mother-of-two.


The media has been camped out by her apartment building near the Buenos Aires zoo. Maria Belen Chapur is 43 and has the two sons from a previous marriage.

Maria is described by a neighbor as a beautiful brunette who plays tennis, goes jogging, and has large eyes. It was previously, erroneously reported that she worked for an agriculture company.

The NYPost claims to have a Maria Belen Chapur photo, seen down right, and Guanabee has also got the Maria Belen Chapur photo, seen here, and reports it is an authentic screengrab from a news video.

The video shows Chapur in New York City covering the 9/11 attacks as a reporter for Argentine TV station Canal America, reports McClatchy:

This much is known: Chapur worked as a journalist and translator of English for about a year for the Argentine television station Canal America, according to Gabriel Bartos, who was then a producer with Canal America. Bartos said that Chapur went to New York after the 9-11 attacks in 2001 to report for the station.

Watch the video:

TMZ talked to a bar owner, who says he watched Sanford and Chapur kiss and cuddle over the weekend, and said Maria has green eyes, dirty blonde hair and a "banging body."

A neighbor also described Sanford arriving at Chapur's apartment building late last week with a small sports bag.

Emails published in The State also are addressed to a woman named Maria.

Blackbook has unsourced information that Maria Belen Chapur went to the "posh St. Catherine's Moorlands School in the preppy Belgrano neighborhood, then graduated from the stodgy Universidad Católica Argentina with a degree in (wait for it) International Relations."