Maria Corina Machado, Venezuelan Opposition Candidate Attacked At Rally, Shots Fired (VIDEO)

A video posted on YouTube this past weekend depicts a frightening attack against Venezuelan opposition candidate, Maria Corina Machado, who is running against Hugo Chavez in the presidential primaries.

The video, recorded Saturday, shows the candidate speaking to her supporters and members of the press after having thrown the ceremonial first pitch at a championship softball game in a storied neigborhood of Caracas, Comunidad del 23 de Enero, now known for being a center of Hugo Chavez's political base.

As Machado compares working as a team to overcome challenges on the baseball field to overcoming challenges in real life, shots ring out. Immediately, members of the crowd flee as voices in the background yell, "Vamos, vamos, vamos!" (Let's go, let's go, let's go!)


A Caracas daily newspaper, El Nacional, further reported that 15 shots were fired at the scene and published a photo of two men on a motorcycle, one pointing a Glock pistol at Machado's campaign bus.

CNN en Espa&ntildeol reported that they spoke with the candidate soon after the incident, who stated that while she was not harmed, despite shots being fired at her campaign bus and into the air.

The candidate said in Spanish that she blamed the Chavez government which has lost control, saying "in many cases, it has been complicit with the criminal gangs" and has even provided weapons to some of them.

This is not the first time Machado has faced aggression as she mounts her campaign. In early July, as the only opposition candidate to attend the official commemoration of Venezuela's independence bicentennial anniversary, members of the crowd hurled insults and objects in her direction, forcing military police to cover her with their helmets and cordon her way through the antagonistic crowd.