María Guadalupe Jiménez López, Mexican Female Assassin 'La Tosca,' Arrested In Monterrey

María Guadalupe Jiménez López, an alleged enforcer for the Mexican Los Zetas drug cartel, was arrested last week in Monterrey in connection with a group accused of 20 murders, including those of rival gang members and police officers, according to Mexican newspaper La Crónica de Hoy.

According to Europa Press, Jiménez, aka "La Tosca," confessed to her involvement in 20 homicides after she was arrested along with three other women and three men who worked together.

Milenio reports that police noticed a van without plates fitting the description of a stolen vehicle, which led to the arrests, though none of the people arrested were armed at the time.

Jiménez is accused of leading a criminal cell allegedly responsible for a slew of crimes, including the murder of detective Antonio Montiel Álvarez. Jiménez claimed to have blocked off Álvarez's car with an SUV, and she and a squad opened fire with 9 mm rounds, Proceso reports. Other murders "La Tosca" allegedly headed up include the torture and killing of two youths whose bodies were left in a white Ranger on April 20 and three others killed in February in connection with an attempted car theft.

La Crónica de Hoy notes the 26-year-old widow was responsible for robberies, kidnappings, killing rival gang members and managing 14 drug hotspots in Juárez. For her efforts, "La Tosca" was paid 10,000 pesos every two weeks, or about $1,500 per month.

According to Proceso, Mexican authorities are investigating "La Tosca" and her group in association with other murders.