Maria Hardman Must Take Headscarf Off For Mugshot, Judge Rules

A Muslim CU student must remove her headscarf for a mugshot, a Boulder County Judge ruled this week.

Maria Hardman, a Junior at CU, voluntarily reported to a Boulder County Jail on December 3 to participate in a work crew in accordance with a sentence stemming from a driving while ability-impaired offense.

When she reported, Sheriff's deputies asked her to remove her headscarf for a mugshot. Hardman, who told the Boulder Daily Camera she has been a Muslim for three years, refused, saying her religion did not allow her to remove her scarf around anyone other than immediate family.

Hardman says she was then placed in a holding cell for three hours before officials decided they would not let her take the photo with the headscarf on. Her lawyer then filed a motion for reconsideration of her sentence.

The Colorado Daily reports that a judge has ruled that the deputies' offer that the photo be taken in an empty room with not male guards around was adequate.

Hardman has said she does not want her photo do exist in county records without a headscarf.


Maria Hardman explains her experience to the Daily Camera:

Hardman addresses backlash she has received: