Watch Mariah Carey Thaw At Midnight To Heat Up Holiday Season With You Know What

The pop diva moved past Halloween like it’s stale candy into a winter wonderland in her video.

Mariah Carey fast-forwarded to Christmas at midnight Wednesday, sharing a video of a Halloween Jack o’ Lantern defrosting her out of an ice block and into the holiday season. (Watch the clip below.)

“It’s time!” she sings in her famous high pitch. The ice shatters, and she and revelers dance to “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” her yuletide standard that has prompted Santa to gift her with many royalty checks.

The song, which hit No. 1 in 2019, earns her millions of dollars annually, according to reports.

The often-dubbed “Queen of Christmas” had another big reason for promoting the season from the get-go, as she often does. She kicks off her Merry Christmas One And All! tour on Nov. 15 in Highland, California. The 13-date journey concludes at Madison Square Garden on Dec. 17.

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