Here's Proof Christmas Has Already Begun, Thanks To Mariah Carey

Data shows that this may be the earliest Christmas ever.

With Halloween just two weeks away, it's finally time to start getting into the holiday spirit. Take down your ghosts and pumpkins and put up the wreath and tinsel. Don't even bother trying to get a Christmas tree so last minute; they're all sold out by this point.

Christmas season has officially started, as Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" YouTube link has begun its annual uptick in plays.

Just look at that little upswing on the very right of the graph. Soon, there will be no escape from winter wonderland.

Imgur user  uploaded a reminder of this trend yesterday, creating the below series of images that went viral.

At least Christmas seems to have waited until Halloween last year. This year, there will be no such wait.

Since last Halloween, YouTube users have played Carey's Christmas video tens of millions of times. With the trend starting so early this year, the Christmas cheer is bound to be even more meteoric.

Feel free to put the Carey track in your forthcoming Halloween playlist, or even go ahead and start blasting "All I Want For Christmas Is You" this weekend. Santa Claus has come to town already, get used to it.


Despite everyone's best griping, Christmas wins again.



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