12 Times Mariah Carey Proved She Can Never Be Out-Diva'd

Many have tried; none will succeed.

Aside from holding the record for the most No. 1 hits for a solo artist on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, reportedly singing the highest vocal note ever produced by a human voice, and owning an engagement ring only 10 carats fewer than the Hope Diamond, Mariah Carey holds another title: Hollywood's most fabulous diva. The singer has owned the throne ever since she stepped on the scene in the '90s. Though many will continue to compare young acts to the goddess -- to which she replies, "First of all, I'm still young" -- none can claim the crown like Mariah.

When she hosted the greatest MTV Cribs episode of all time
Made complete with a viewing of her fish tank, which she had recently restocked with new fish because the previous ones "were on the opposite schedule" of her.
When she capitalized on her injury to make a fashion statement
James Devaney via Getty Images
The sling was also outfitted in studs, feather and fur throughout its life span.
When she basically wore lingerie on daytime television
Is this not how you all wake up too?
When she refused to be upstaged by Whitney at the VMAs

When she handled the Nicki Minaj "feud" with some subtle shade
Kevin Winter via Getty Images
When asked whether an insult that appeared in one of Minaj's songs was directed toward her, she answered coolly, “Don’t know. I didn’t know she sang. I thought she rapped. Or whatever.”
When she refused to acknowledge that Madonna is still relevant
Judging by our eighth grade music tastes, this is a real insult.
When she wouldn't accept her new show as anything less than fine cinema
E! Entertainment
”I refuse to call it a reality show,” she told the New York Times. "Mariah's World" will document the singer as she tours around Europe and South Africa, catching the star's glamorous life behind the scenes (as a reality show does...)
When she made a song addressing how everyone feels about her
That may have been about Eminem or may have been about every person ever.
When she reminded everyone that she made the No. 1 Christmas song of all time
Just in case anyone forgot.
Every time she wears sunglasses inside.
*also when she threw some not-so-subtle shade here when asked about Nicki Minaj*
Never change, Mariah.

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