Mariah Carey Is a Total Diva In New Teaser For 'Mariah's World'

“I don’t even know what reality is ― literally."

Mariah Carey said the realest thing she has in years at a Television Critics Association press tour event on Wednesday.

“I don’t even know what reality is ― literally,” joked the singer. And after taking one look at this new clip for Carey’s docu-series, “Mariah’s World,” it’s clear the singer doesn’t know how to be anyone other than the diva she is. 

The recently released teaser shows Carey getting out of private planes, flashing her 35-carat engagement ring and “relaxing” in a black bustier and diamond choker at home. 

“Is this a normal outfit for people to wear? I don’t know, but I’m at home and this is what I wear,” Carey says, laughing. We would expect nothing less. 

So very Mariah. 
So very Mariah. 

Carey, who has said time and time again that she isn’t filming a reality show, told reporters at the TCA event Wednesday that her docu-series is for her loyal lambs. 

“I don’t know that anybody really knows the real me because if somebody sees me on TV ... it’s not enough time to get to know somebody,” Carey said. “My goal is for it to be a lasting piece of work for my fans.” 

We’re sure there will be too many iconic moments to count. 

“Mariah’s World” premieres Dec. 4 on E!



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