Mariah Carey Wore What She Thought Were Pajamas On 'Live With Kelly'

In what world? Mariah's world.
Dress code: optional. 
Dress code: optional. 

If Mariah Carey is going to wake up early enough to appear on "Live with Kelly," you can be sure she's going to make it memorable, dahhhling. 

On Monday morning, Carey graced Ripa and temporary co-host Jussie Smollett with her presence for a daytime pajama party unlike any other. In Mariah's mind, pajamas, of course, mean a barely there, sea green negligee with black stilettos. You know, typical bedtime apparel. 

Lost for words? Let this random "Live" audience member react for you: 

Shock. Awe. 
Shock. Awe. 

Once the hosts recovered from being within breathing distance of E=MC², the conversation veered toward Carey's upcoming nuptials with her billionaire boyfriend, James Packer, (have you seen that ring?) and her new E! documentary series, "Mariah's World." Yes, Mariah Carey has her own reality show. This is the best of times. 

But an interview with one of the music world's biggest divas wouldn't be complete without a little shade-throwing. While discussing her recent Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour, Carey mentioned her displeasure for sharing the stage with other females. 

"I don't know any of them," Carey said, seemingly referencing her now iconic Jennifer Lopez diss. "I try to remember, but I'm so forgetful."

Watch the interview below: 



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