Mariah Carey Surprises Super-Fans With Live Performance On 'Late Night' (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon and Mariah Carey orchestrated another viral-potential moment on "Late Night" when they collaborated to surprise some of her biggest fans. Several groups of her biggest fans were gathered for what they thought was a listening party for Carey's new single. They had no idea they were hearing the diva sing live. After singing a few verses, she came into the room and blew their minds.

Their reactions were so genuine, they were both adorable and hilarious. Within moments, the fans were in tears of shock. And then it was the audiences turn to be stunned when Carey showed up for her interview. She was .... over-the-top. Carey wore gloves, spun around before sitting down, used a fan to shield her "bad angles," spoke in random sentence fragments, and even broke into song.

While the interview was certainly unusual, Uproxx's Andrew Roberts loved the fan-surprise segment. He thought it almost topped the duo's holiday collaboration of "All I Want For Christmas Is You" from last year.

Mariah Carey was promoting her new single, "The Art of Letting Go," streaming now on her Facebook page. "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" airs every weeknight at 12:37 a.m. EST on NBC.

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