Mariah Yeater Has Evidence That Justin Bieber Is Father To Child: REPORT

Now that Justin Bieber has reportedly agreed to take a DNA paternity test to prove that he is not the father of Mariah Yeater's baby -- the 20-year-old woman who claims she had unprotected sex with the popstar after one of his concerts -- Yeater is speaking out, saying she has evidence that Bieber is her baby's father.

After explaining to The Insider that she and Bieber went to a backstage bathroom alone, after he "immediately took a liking to [her]," Yeater said that he went from "cute and gushy" to "more aggressive" almost instantaneously. The two then allegedly engaged in unprotected sex -- a fact, Yeater says, that she can prove.

"I have provided evidence to my attorneys and it will show in court to prove that my allegations are true," Yeater told The Insider.

While Yeater continues to stand strong in her accusations that Bieber is the father of her child, the 17-year-old "Baby" singer told the 'Today' show that he has never even met Yeater. Bieber plans on recognizing Yeater's paternity suit and complying with a DNA test before taking her to court -- sending a clear message to other potential accuser's that he won't take any slanderous accusations lying down.

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