Mariah Yeater: Justin Bieber Fans React On Twitter To Paternal Suit Allegations

Bieber Fans Threaten The Life Of His Alleged Baby Mama

Justin Bieber doesn't just have a fan club; the kid has an army. And this self-enlisting, Beliebing militia doesn't take too kindly to any unkind words being said about their little Canadian spiritual leader, let alone allegations that take the sheen off his platinum halo.

With the allegations that the publicly devout Christian singer not only lost his virginity to a fan backstage, but fathered her three month old baby, the Bieber fan army has come out in full force, firing relentless Twitter attacks at the accusing mother, Californian Mariah Yeater. Though generally comprised of tween to teen girls, the fans have made clear their pure, venomous hatred for the girl.

In just the last hour, we've tracked down some remarkable tweets toward the girl, and as a public service announcement, we'd like to share them with you. Just don't say that we didn't warn you; if you have daughters, now's a good time to find them and hug them tight.

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