Mariah Yeater's Lawyer: Paternity Action With Justin Bieber Is Not Over (VIDEO)

UPDATE: TMZ reports that just because Yeater has dropped the lawsuit in favor of "private negotiations", doesn't mean Bieber's legal team won't seek damages.

Bieber's publicist, Matthew Hiltzik, told the website, "We intend to still hold them accountable."

It's not over yet.

Mariah Yeater still plans on moving forward with her paternity action against 17-year-old Justin Bieber, reports RadarOnline.

Despite earlier reports from TMZ that the lawsuit was quietly dismissed last week and Yeater was dropped by her legal team, Yeater's lawyers say that's not entirely accurate.

"I did not step down and there is a legal team. It's a new legal team. In light of death threats against my client, strategies have been reviewed... the San Diego team has been replaced by John Carlson from Los Angeles," Yeater's attorney, Jeffery Leving, told Chicago news station WGNtv on the phone.

Leving told the station his client still insists that Bieber is the father of her child, and he won't allow the 20-year-old to give anymore interviews. "Secondly, negotiations are going on right now with Bieber's council and we're trying to negotiate a private, secure DNA test with the same safe guards that would exist if there were a court order, but without a court order," he explained. "The case is completely out of control and I don't want something terrible to happen to my client or her child."

The decision to withdraw the case from the courts is suspicions, but no one can deny the intimidation power of the "Belieber Army" for whom, death threats are nothing new.

In the past Bieber's fans have threatened his current girlfriend, Selena Gomez, Esperanza Spalding, the artist who took home the 'Best New Artist' award at the Grammys, and they even threatened Kim Kardashian when Justin joked on Twitter she was his girlfriend.

One 14-year-old Bieber fan recently issued death threats against Gomez and Caitlin Beadles, one of Justin's ex-girlfriends. The fan created a Tumblr page dedicated to the threats and wrote she was going to "murder" Beadles and had cameras trained on her 24/7, so that she wouldn't know what was coming until she "wakes up on the other side of her bed with a knife."

Thankfully none of Bieber's fans have attempted to act on any of their threats, but there is no question having hundreds of thousands of tweens furious at you must be a little terrifying.

RadarOnline reports that it's unclear whether or not Yeater's case is still active, but Leving said he hopes he won't have to file a new lawsuit.

Bieber has denied the paternity allegations and claims he never met Yeater. The pop star's lawyers also had already announced they would participate in a DNA test to prove the allegations are false.


A paternity suit is a lot for a 17-year-old pop star to deal with:

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