Marian Brown Birthday Party: San Francisco Throws Surprise Bash For Famous Twin After Sister's Death

Just two weeks ago, our city lost Vivian Brown, one half of the eccentric, overdressed and much-adored San Francisco twins. And on Friday, surviving twin Marian will have to celebrate her 86th birthday alone for the first time in her life.

Fortunately, this is San Francisco.

In true SF style, the good people of the city have banded together to throw Marian a surprise birthday party.

"With no other family, we want to show Marian that she still has the love and support of her San Francisco family," read a Facebook invite.

Supporters have invited everyone in the city to the mezzanine of the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in Union Square on Friday night at 6 p.m. to join iconic performers Donna Sachet and Connie Champagne in singing "happy birthday" to Marian.

"David Dubiner, who owns Uncle Vito's where they ate every single day, is taking Marian and a few close friends to dinner," organizer Jennifer Bergeron told The Huffington Post. After dinner, friends will take Marian to the mezzanine, where her surprise crowd will await.

Born in 1927, Marian and Vivian Brown became local celebrities when they moved to San Francisco in 1973 and began walking the city in elaborate, identical outfits. A typical uniform included blonde curls, leopard print, pink lipstick and bright smiles. The pair made cameos in films and talk shows and frequented city events.

Mayor Ed Lee even issued a statement on Vivian after her death, calling her a "truly remarkable woman who represented the best of our city."

"My heart is aching for her," Marian told the San Francisco Chronicle about her sister. "We were always so close."

Party organizers are hoping to honor Marian and her sister's memory on Friday night.

"I think a lot of people just want to come out and let her know she's loved: sort of 'you lost your sister, but you still have your San Francisco family,'" said Bergeron. "This is what San Francisco's all about."

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