Marianne Williamson Deletes Tweet Crediting Mind Power For Shifting Dorian's Path

The Democratic presidential candidate seemingly overlooked what's been described as an "apocalyptic" scene in the Bahamas.

Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson on Wednesday tweeted ― then quickly deleted ― a message that credited “power of the mind” and positive visualization for turning Hurricane Dorian “away from land.” 

The problem, of course: Dorian made that turn over the Bahamas, which it hit as a Category 5 storm, leaving the islands in a state of “total devastation.”

Williamson’s tweet overlooked what’s been described as an “apocalyptic” scene 150 miles east of Palm Beach.

There’s nothing wrong with mindfulness, prayer or positive visualization, but it’s critically important people heed the warnings of the National Weather Service and take action when told to do so.

(For the record, nuking hurricanes ― a method reportedly suggested “multiple times” by President Donald Trump ― is also a dangerous idea.)

Williamson replaced the deleted tweet with a call for peace and comfort for those affected by the storm:

In the meantime, the threat posed by Hurricane Dorian is far from over. The storm could yet come ashore in Georgia, South or North Carolina, all of which remain within the National Hurricane Center’s forecast cone.

South Carolina is bracing for what could be the the region’s second-worst flooding in 85 years, and more than 2 million people along the coast from Florida to North Carolina have been urged to evacuate.